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A Celiac/ Gluten Rescue Starter Pack includes

  1. One Alpha Nutrition Program $46 

  2. The Book of Gluten.  $24.95

  3. One 500 Gram jar of Alpha ENF 500 Grams $26 

Print Version: Special Price $ 74.00 plus shipping. You save $23 compared with the cost of these items ordered separately

 The starter pack provides detailed information about gluten and the diseases caused by eating cereal grains. You can try the Alpha ENF formula, evaluate its effects and and learn how you can use it as a tool of nutritional therapy to help solve your health problems. 

The Book of Gluten provides both an introduction to and also advanced explanations of the immunological basis of gluten allergy. The many patterns of food allergy are explained . The Alpha Nutrition Program is designed to solve the heath problems related to gluten allergy which we consider to be both common and serious. Think of the Alpha Nutrition Program as an advanced course - no hype and unsupportable claims. You will find optimism in the program notes but not the perky, unrealistic type of optimism so common in nutrition books and articles. We are aware of great benefits of diet revision just as we are aware of illness and unnecessary suffering caused by living on the wrong diet. However, change is difficult and sustaining new healthy habits will place persisting demands on your intelligence and determination to be well. The program describes some of the uncertainties and difficulties you will face and suggestions for understanding and coping with these difficulties.  

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  eBook Option

The eBook option is for people who are experienced reading eBooks and can do without a printed copy.  eBooks  replace the printed books and are sent in Microsoft or Adobe Reader format as file attachments to an email we send in response to your order. You receive a substantial  rebate if you choose an eBook version of the starter pack. You receive the formula in the mail, but eBooks come with email as file attachments. If you order the eBook option, you still pay shipping charges to cover formula shipping and handling charges but the shipping  cost is offset by the generous eBook rebate.

Please use the Microsoft or Adobe Reader before you consider ordering eBooks. We do not recommend eBooks for inexperienced readers. See eBooks

If you select the eBook option, you receive a $24 instant rebate on your order because we do not have the extra expenses of printing and shipping  450 pages of text. The eBooks are sent as file attachments to emails we send in response to your order.  One jar of Alpha ENF 500 grams is sent in an airmail package. Please allow 7 business days for delivery. When you order the eBook option, you still pay shipping charges for the formula, but the cost is offset by the eBook rebate.

Email Support Option

You can signup for email support. Once you are registered, you have access to our support staff. You can discuss the program with a tutor and have help understanding the basic strategy of the Alpha Nutrition Program. We have found that some people get all the information they need by reading the books. Others need help understanding and then following the instructions. Many issues come up as you prepare to follow the program and email support is often helpful to get started. This support  intends to you help you understand the goals and methods of the program. You can correspond with a tutor for about 2-3  weeks until you have become familiar with the program. You can share some basic information with your tutor to:

  1. Identify your health problems

  2. Review your motivation for change

  3. Start planning to implement the program.