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The Concept

Nutritional Therapy is based on removing the cause of illness by correcting a faulty food supply.  The Alpha Nutrition Program is a diet revision algorithm. This program was developed as practical medical management of food-related illnesses. The program is modular and can be adapted to different dysfunctions and diseases

There are many motives for doing diet  revision. Experience suggests that the pursuit of lasting diet change is never just a technical exercise, involving food lists, recipes, and nutritional supplements. Significant diet revision always involves the whole person in transforming old, often destructive habits into new, healthier patterns. Important insights develop as any  person attempts to change food habits. Proper diet revision often must restore control over a confusing set of circumstances and symptoms. Careful application diet revision therapy will reveal the fundamental significance of the food supply in the production of health problems.

Alpha refers to the the optimal diet, optimal nutrition and the center of a state of well-being; Alpha also refers to health recovery by returning to a resting place and eating simple primary foods that restore health.  The development of Alpha Nutrition began with observations that some food-selection patterns are associated with dysfunction and disease. In one person, for example, the daily ingestion of multigrain bread, milk, cheese, bran muffins, beef, coffee, orange juice, and wine is associated with chronic fatigue, sleepiness after eating, nose congestion, flushing, headaches, generalized aching, stiffness, and episodes of unexplained depression.

When the food list is changed to rice, vegetables, chicken, peaches, and pears, the symptoms disappear and the person reports increased energy and a renewed sense of well-being. Similar observations are reported in a large sample of people of all ages. A variety of other dysfunctional patterns are found to improve with proper diet revision.

We often encountered patients who spontaneously stopped eating when they were sick and discovered after several days they would improve. When you stop eating problem foods, you tend to get better. We speak about clearing when symptoms disappear. Very often, a small set of staple foods would prove to be very successful at resolving a long-standing health problem. All symptoms would subside as long as the patient remained on the simplest set of foods, and symptoms would tend to recur when they went beyond their "core" food list. Whenever recovering patients got into trouble with new food introductions or "falling-off-the-wagon," a return to their "core" foods would get them better again.

We reasoned that everyone probably has a small set of best-fit foods that would allow them to feel and function optimally. The first goal of therapy should then be to identify the simplest set of best foods for each person. The core-concept further developed as we kept score of adverse food reactions reported by patients and found that rice and common, cooked vegetables were among the best tolerated and most acceptable of all food choices.

Creating an Alpha Diet

We recognized that the success or failure of Alpha Nutrition would be determined by the foods chosen as the first staple foods. We developed a food-intolerance rating for common foods to decide which foods were the best to include in the core of an Alpha Nutrition program. By keeping score of food reactions, we came up with a "top 40" list of foods which offered the best nutrition and the highest probability of tolerance. This list eventually evolved into a standard path of food introduction. Food ratings were based on five main criteria:

  • Lower incidence of adverse reactions
  • High nutritional value
  • Acceptable
  • Available
  • Affordable

Timing of Alpha Nutrition

Since there are many reasons for doing diet revision, Alpha Nutrition builds in flexibility in the sequence and timing of food introduction. The program is designed with a time element in mind, and can be thought of as a journey along a path. The duration of the journey is variable, depending on who is traveling, why the journey was undertaken, and what burdens have to be carried along. A relatively healthy person who wants to redesign a preventive and health optimizing Alpha diet can proceed more quickly than someone who is seriously ill. Both the healthiest and the sickest person need to clear during the first 10 days on Phase 1 and then proceed with food reintroductions. Since initial clearing usually takes 10 days, we have tended to use 10 day periods for planning progress along the path.

For significant health problems, Phase 1 can begin with a food holiday. Food is replaced by Alpha ENF for 10 days or longer. Alpha ENF continued as foods are reintroduced to supply a portion of the required daily nutrients as foods are gradually reintroduced. You can compare the beginning of Alpha Nutrition to infant-feeding practice; you return to the beginning and start over again. Alpha ENF acts like mother's milk or a safe formula in infant feeding, supporting nutrition while a new diet is slowly, and carefully created. The pace of food introduction varies with your illness and state of tolerance to foods discovered as you proceed along the path.

These discussions of the Alpha Nutrition Program are continued in the Program Text. You can order an eBook or printed text version separately or as part of a Nutritional Rescue Starter Pack

More detailed accounts of nutrition can be found in Nutrition Notes .


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